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 Project Description

(DOT) NetWebSocket Server - 1.0.0 Beta 

Hight performance websocket server implemented using C# 4.0 for the .Net Websocket applications.

  •  Easy to use
  •  Can run multiple web socket application.
  •  Implemented  using C# 4.0
  •  High Performance
  •  Now only supports the  C# 4.0 web socket applications. Other .Net frameworks and languages will be supported later.
  • Easy to develop the web socket server applications
  • Easy to add multiple applications.
  • Supports multiple web sites with different IP address.
  • This free and open source Under MIT license.


The next release will have following features :

  •  JSON support
  • Multiple .net framework runtime support ( V2.0 & 4.5)
  • Integrated web socket server and client development teamwork.
  • SSL
  • Integrated with Java application

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